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If you’re organizing a family vacation or traveling alone, and you’d want to:

  • Know more about this particular region of Canada and what it has to offer,
  • Experience something really unique watching Northern Lights in one of the most remote areas in Canada and consider whether this is the appropriate location to do so,
  • Organize your travel, get quotes, and reserve excursions in an undiscovered area;
  • Discover a whole new range of less visited places…

Then, contact me right now and I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

I love working one-on-one with my clients, and even though we work remotely, video chats are an essential tool for me to get to know them and plan every aspect of their trip so they can feel completely secure and confident in their choice.

Although the excursion and accommodation packages bought with me DO NOT include airline tickets, I can provide you with excellent first recommendations because I know the airlines that arrive in the Yukon and their schedules vary depending on the season of the year.

I highly recommend checking availability of excursions and accommodations with me before proceeding to book flights.

Upon your initial inquiry, we will take the following steps to see if the Yukon is the right destination for you and to begin customizing your trip package.

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