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My name is Sofia, and I am excited to personally guide you and plan your exciting adventure in the Yukon Territory, the wildest corner of Canada. Originally from Chile and a Canadian citizen, I am currently exploring the South Island of New Zealand for the first time for a few months. Like you, I have an overflowing passion for traveling, discovering uncharted corners, and immersing myself in new cultures. And today I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to immerse yourself in The Yukon’s untamed wilderness.

I lived and explored the Yukon Territory in Canada and Alaska in the United States for 6 years. I worked as a Lead Tour Guide in the Yukon, providing tours in English and Spanish for countless unstoppable travelers from Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America. Over more than 300 nights, I witnessed incredible Northern Lights!

Alongside, I’ve been a Reservations Agent since 2017, crafting the best activities in the Canadian North for all my adventurers. I’ve had unique experiences like ice fishing, soaring above the world’s largest Non-Polar Ice Fields (yes, you can fly over them too!), and volunteering for one of the longest dog sled races in the world. Yes, 1,600 km between Yukon and Alaska, during January and February, the coldest months in Canada!


These are just a few highlights of my wonderful life in The Yukon, which prepared me to be the Top Travel Agent specialized in one of Canada’s least-explored tourist destinations, The Yukon.

But my dedication and enthusiasm go beyond that; I consider myself the greatest admirer of those brave travelers who embark on adventures, challenge the conventional, seek extraordinary experiences, create unforgettable memories, and eagerly seek new knowledge with each step of their journey.

I’d love to meet you and embark on a journey with me today, as we delve into the untamed beauty of Yukon — a cherished corner of Canada. Trust me to craft an adventure that unfolds uniquely in your hands.

“Time is something you can sell, but you will never obtain it back.”

This statement has left a profound imprint on my life. Just as time is a resource we can invest but not reclaim, the journey serves as a living metaphor. Each opportunity to explore, grow, and turn dreams into reality is unique, reminding us that we only live once. Seizing every moment in the pursuit of our aspirations is like a personal journey, where well-spent time becomes the most valuable treasure in the course of life. This awareness drives me to live each day as if it were the last.

I was born in Chile, a country with a unique geography, featuring majestic mountains on one side and the vast Pacific coastline on the other – a sea of intense blue, bathed in sunlight for most of the year. The people, hardworking and blessed with a creative sense of humor, complete the charm of my place of origin. The year 2012 unfolded a special chapter when in the journey of self-discovery and personal growth that I embarked on, I aimed to explore my own desires and dreams, challenging my mind and opening my heart to new opportunities, people, and uncharted corners of my country. Many times, I carried nothing more than a backpack, a few bills, and the delightful company of good friends, thus uncovering places that were true hidden gems for many.

In those years, the idea of coming to Canada with a temporary work visa was born, and I managed to make it a reality in 2016. Although Canada is vast and a one-year visa seemed insufficient, I discovered an intriguing place near Alaska: The Yukon Territory. Yes, The Yukon! A completely unknown place for me and many others. Almost no one had heard of the Yukon, and I certainly hadn’t! Despite its reputation for cold, darkness, and remoteness, the Yukon turned out to be a unique corner that revealed its wildest side through the dance of the northern lights and the presence of untamed animals, such as the amazing grizzly bears in their natural habitat.
The Yukon Territory is definitely the ideal place to discover “a new You”, even with -35°C in winter, don’t be afraid. As long as precautions are taken due to the extreme cold! (And the secrets? I know them all!)

The Yukon is remarkable and stands as a precious part of Canada that remains undiscovered by many.

It truly justifies the time and money invested in exploration, particularly for those seeking genuine outdoor adventures in distinctive settings. The community is incredible, comprised of exceptionally kind and friendly individuals who truly appreciate and enjoy every season, winter being a particular highlight!

Having spent six years living and immersing myself in the breathtaking Yukon Territory, fulfilling numerous dreams, it was time to embark on a new journey. In the Canadian summer of 2022, I covered nearly 3,000 km by road from Whitehorse to Tofino on Vancouver Island, a journey spanning almost four days. I spent the summer season working in my field of expertise— tourism, with bears and whale watching tours this time—and experienced living on the west coast for the first time.

Then, I moved back to the mainland, to the city of Salmon Arm, in British Columbia, where I worked for a hotel during the winter, once again having the opportunity to interact with travelers from different parts of the world. After that I crossed all of Canada driving more than 6000K until I reached Cape Breton Island, the east of Canada. And today? Today, I’m in New Zealand, exploring the island and its people for a few months before returning to Canada in 2024.

Today, I share with you how my personal journey has led me to dedicate myself to what I love most: inspiring dreamers like you to turn their dreams into real experiences. I craft the perfect getaway for adventurous travelers in pursuit of the most remarkable and distinctive encounters in the breathtaking Yukon, Canada. Will you join this exciting journey?

My dreams came true in The Yukon and I will be happy to help you fulfill yours!

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