Why choosing to book your vacation with me?

My expertise and genuine first-hand experiences

My six years of living and exploring the Yukon will save you hours of searching and confusion and broaden your perspective on this journey by adding details you would not otherwise know. This will set you up to enjoy a memorable and one-of-a-kind vacation that engages all of your senses and reconnects you with the joy of travel.

I'm bilingual in Spanish and English

and I can give you important first-hand information about the Yukon because I speak both Spanish and English and I work directly with the best suppliers. You can also select the excursions in your native tongue, so you won’t have any trouble communicating when you get there.

Traveling should NOT be a stressfull experience

Taking this into consideration, and given my extensive knowledge of the region, my suggestions will always be focused on honoring your interests as a traveler and as a visitor. Although I frequently advocate for “less is more,” I also support the ideas of sustainability and “traveling slowly.”

I will personally take care of every detail for your vacation.

You won’t have to worry about a thing. I will meticulously choose and organize the activities that will maximize the time and money you spend on a trip this size. It is my intention that you find this process to be as easy as possible and that you enjoy the entire process.

You will continue to receive 100% of my support, until the end of your journey.

Once you have purchased your customized trip package, you will have my undivided assistance throughout your journey, allowing you to unwind and enjoy yourself to the fullest.


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